News – 本校最新消息


2021年7月27日通告: 本中心兒童功夫課程將於2021年8月2日星期一重新開課,由於疫情尚未平定,遵從政府室內限制令,及保障各人在潔淨環境下練習,請務必遵守以下規條:

  1. 進入中心必需要配戴口罩,上課時必需配戴口罩;
  2. 進入中心前必需測量體溫;
  3. 家長不得在中心停留等侯;
  4. 進入中心前,手及功夫鞋需消毒;
  5. 戶外鞋,外套及背包或袋,請置於中心外樓梯範圍;
  6. 進入中心前巳換好功夫校服,中心不提供更衣設備;
  7. 上课時請依指示保持三米距離:
  8. 每節上課人數有限,為統一安排請直接與教練 Natalie 預定上課時間,若有事未能出席課堂,請於上課三日前通知 Natalie 方便其他相關安排;
  9. 請自備水,中心暫不設加水服務;
  10. 課後請盡快離開中心不要久留,以便進行室內消毒。
  11. 如有貴重物品,請自行小心保管,不要放在袋中,本中心不負責任何遺失及損壞。


  • 星期六 – 下午1時30分,3時半,5時半 (中班, 高班)
  • 星期日- 下午1時30分,3時(小中班),5時(中班及高班)
  • 星期一- 下午4時30分,6時
  • 星期二 – 下午4時30分,6時
  • 星期三- 下午4時30分,6時(中班及高班)
  • 星期四- 下午4時30分,6時


STQI Markham children kungfu time-table during Pandemic

Notice – July 27, 2021: Shaolin Children Kung Fu classes will be resumed on August 2, 2021 Monday. As we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, we would need to strictly follow the government’s restriction orders and ensure that classes will be conducted in a clean, disinfected and safe environment.

The following protective measures must be strictly adhered to when attending classes and entering the Centre:

  1. A face mask must be worn when entering into the Centre;
  2. A face mask must be worn when attending class;
  3. Temperature screening must be taken before entering the Centre:
  4. Parents are not allowed to wait in the Centre;
  5. Both hands and Kung Fu shoes need to be sanitized before entering the Centre;
  6. All outdoor shoes, jackets and bags should be placed on the rack in the stairwell area outside the Centre;
  7. All Kung fu uniforms should be put on before entering into the Centre; there will not be changing facility available;
  8. A social distance of 3M should be maintained when attending class, as instructed;
  9. Only a limited number of students would be accommodated for each training session. All attendance schedules should be booked in advance directly with our Instructor – Natalie. If a booked session cannot be attended to, please notify Natalie three days in advance, so that slots can be made available to other students;
  10. Bring your own water bottle (s), drinking water will not be supplied at the Centre;
  11. Leave the Centre as soon as the class is over as the staff member will need to disinfect the entire school.
  12. Please do not leave any valuable items in your bags, and make sure they are securely stored. The Center is not and will not be responsible for any loss or damages to your personal items.

Class schedules for in-person training are as follows:

  • Saturday 1:30pm, 3:30pm 5:30pm (mid level, high level)
  • Sunday 1:30pm 3pm (pre-mid level), 5pm (mid-level, high level)
  • Monday 4:30pm, 6pm
  • Tuesday 4:30pm, 6pm
  • Wednesday 4:30pm, 6pm (mid level, high level).
  • Thursday 4:30pm, 6pm